Integrator: Engineered Services, Inc.

Equipment: Schneider Electric Buildings Business Andover Controls, S4 Open: BACnet-N2 Router

Location: Downtown Baltimore, Maryland, USA

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The Salvation Army Western Headquarters is a 12-story high-rise office building located in Long Beach, California. The building not only serves as the headquarters for the Salvation Army services throughout the Western states but also houses several social/outreach programs to support the Long Beach citizens. The building contained 339 Metasys N2 Controllers on four Metasys Networks with NCM Supervisory Controllers. The number of points on the legacy Metasys network totaled 16,797.

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Case Study: Metasys® to Schneider Electric Buildings Integration

Project Type: Integration of legacy Johnson Controls N2 Bus into Andover Continuum

Facility Type: Multi-building educational campus

Location: South of Madison, Wisconsin

Project Engineering and Implementation: Control Solutions, Inc.

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