Building Automation Services

“BACnet®, short for “Building Automation Control Network”, is a data communication protocol for building automation and control networks. BACnet is both an international (ISO) and ANSI standard for interoperability between cooperating building automation devices.” (, 2015).  By its definition BACnet is an open protocol, allowing building operators to select the best control and automation devices for their specific needs from over 800 vendors (800+ VendorIDs currently registered with ASHRAE, January 2015).


S4 Group routers enable the migration of proprietary N2 devices to BACNet without incurring the immediate upfront cost of replacing all the devices.  Our cutting-edge technology enables end users to retain existing investment in field devices, as well as plan for cost-effective growth and evolution by integrating BACnet into their building automation strategies.



“Investigate before you integrate....”