Top Ten Reasons

Ten reasons to go with PES4...

1. Versatility!

The N2 Router supports any N2 device that you will find on a N2 bus.

2. Zero Downtime!

The Upstream Interface enables the co-existence with the Metasys® head end.  This is a key feature in cases where minimal (or zero!) down time is mandated.

The entire legacy Metasys® system is turned into an open environment on day one. The building owner and operator now have a world of non-proprietary options to choose from to expand and enhance their building while extending the useful life of the systems they have already invested in.

3. Auto discovery!

Our robust library of Device Type Templates predefines point mapping for each Metasys® device and application (custom templates can also be generated from Metasys® resource files) – minimizes the man hours required to integrate your N2 devices to BACnet.

4. Passthrough!

Use all of the features of HVAC Pro and GX-9100, including uploading and downloading devices. The N2 Router can provide a replacement for the Metasys® “Passthrough” option for the configuration and commissioning utilities – due for release Q3 2015.

5. Increased resilience!

In buildings with older, and potentially less reliable, N2 devices, the BACnet-N2 Router automatically resets N2 devices when multiple retries of an operation fail; it also logs the number of times that this action is taken.

6. Increased functionality from your existing N2 devices!

The N2 Router products expose all N2 device points to the new head end, even those that JCI doesn’t normally expose to their operator workstation, such as tuning parameters.

7. Independence!

The N2 Router products work independently of any database, priority, or security settings in the Metasys® supervisory controller.

8. More bang for your buck!

The N2 Router products establish a very cost effective gateway to BACnet IP in the short term, quickly adding value and extending the life of legacy systems. Facilitates the migration away from Metasys® N2 devices in the longer term.

9. BACnet Priority Array participation!

The N2 Router can force the N2 data stream from legacy Metasys® supervisory controllers (NCM, for instance) to participate in the BACnet priority array mechanism, giving the integrator complete control over which head end is commanding each point. No other product has this “supervisory controller as a BACnet client” capability.

10. BACnet!

Publish each N2 device as its own BACnet device within a virtual BACnet network - ultimately the aim of your integration project!

“Investigate before you integrate....”